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Offset printing is now the most commonly used method of printing ink onto flat sheets of paper and offers a superior quality image than the old "Letterpress" method that used metal type and "blocks" for pictures or images. It is the technology that makes most magazines and catalogs possible.

This is a popular technique of printing that is utilised by most print shops to produce large volumes of high quality documents.

Offset lithography is the workhorse of printing. But the quality of the final product is often due to the guidance, expertise and equipment provided by the printer such as the Premadasa Printers (Pvt) Ltd. Offset lithography works on a very simple principle: ink and water don't mix. Images (words and art) are put on plates, which are dampened first by water, then ink. The ink adheres to the image area, the water to the non-image area. Then the image is transferred to a rubber blanket, and from the rubber blanket to paper. That's why the process is called "offset" -- the image does not go directly to the paper from the plates, as it does in gravure printing.
Desktop publishing generally involves producing documents on the computer, printing out drafts on a laser printer, and then offset printing the final version.

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