Image Setting

Premadasa utilizes the best imagesetting equipment the industry has to offer, making
sure all your high quality film needs are met. Precision laser screen generators for sharp
dots and fine screen creation, Stochastic screening for those special projects, and plate ready
imposition. Film output can be set with 1200 dpi minimum while 3540 maximum, and up to 200lpi screen ruling. The latest Harlequin Post Script Level 3 Rip is the best solution for error free quick output to meet the clients deadline. Available array of dot patterns could be used for various printing needs.

Image Scanning

Digitizing images is another service that we provide. Equipped with a high end Drum Scanner which can scan resolutions up to 4000 dpi and ability to scan up to A2 size images we willingly undertake image enlargement and reduction tasks. We also have the capacity to work with colour transparencies and printed matter with light de-screening which will not affect the quality of the resultant image.

Image Retouching

Nearly all images have the slight design angle that would make them look just that bit better, clearer and effective. Enhancing images to suit the needs of each individual client is a service provided by us at Premadasa Colourscan (Pvt) Ltd. By doing so, we essentially ease the process of the production of print media. Experienced in this field, we undertake both the most simple and the more complex tasks in image retouching.
versed with the these programs.


Competitive markets call for competitive marketing for which design is often essential. Good design can easily enhance the positive impact a product has on a consumer.
At Premadasa Colourscan (Pvt) Ltd we have a team of qualified, experienced designers working on what is an essential part of product presentation- graphic design. We produce advertisements, posters, magazines, visiting cards, flyers, ID cards and almost anything the cusomer requires

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