Premadasa Offset Plate Makers (Pvt) Ltd.

Offset Plates

We process all types of Pre-sensitized Offset Plates from all major Plate Manufacturers – Kalle, KODAK, Fuji etc. The smallest machine to 8 up large format is accessible. We adhere and follow the highest standards of quality with exposure and processing conditions help of step wedges and dot meters.

Flexographic (Flexo) Plates

In recent years flexographic printing has increased, particularly in package printing. The flexographic printing plate is itself flexible, and prints against a hard impression cylinder, allowing for harder, more durable prints.

Letterpress Plates

On letterpress printing plates the printing areas are higher than the non-printing areas. Letterpress Plates are made out of zinc for printing, foil stamping and embossing, while nylon plates are mainly for printing.

Premadasa Offset Plate Makers (Pvt) Ltd.
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