Premadasa Offset Plate Makers (Pvt) Ltd.

If you seek the all-purpose offset plate of realistic
colour reproduction, high performance and long run
cost saving, Premadasa Plate Makers Ltd., is the default choice.

Premadasa Plate Makers can design plates that meet the stringent industrial quality needs of a wide variety of printing applications.

We employ the latest technology to ensure all-purpose plate for commercial printers. Ensuring superior colour reproducibility, outstanding durability for long run impressions, exceptional reliability, ease-of-use and wide latitude.

Our unique service system ensures that we satisfy any printer’s requirements with faultless total printing plate solutions and absolute efficiency.

Conventional colour separation is done in a four-colour process. We now offer colour separation with additional special colours. This can be used to create spectacular packaging, and is also a great benefit for corporate clients who need to achieve special colours for logos etc.

Our team of sales and technical staff is ready to assist, advise and guide you on your requirements.

Premadasa Offset Plate Makers (Pvt) Ltd.
No. 179, Jayantha Weerasekara Mawatha, Colombo 10, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94-11-2325903, +94-11-2325906, +94-11-2325912
Fax: +94-11-2449950 E-mail: [email protected]





















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