Premadasa Colourscan (Dubai)

Colour entices, enthralls and elevates our sense of sight like nothing else. This fascination with colour fuelled the desire to capture its essence in Print.

From modest beginnings as plate making specialists, we at Premadasa have soared rapidly to the pinnacle of global Printing Technology. Since starting operations away from our home shore of Sri Lanka in Dubai, over a decade ago and in Tanzania at the turn of the century, we have over the years earned a reputation for quality, commitment and expertise that is hard to match.

Premadasa Colourscan (Dubai) has always believed in people and technology. It is the perfect blend of the two that makes all the difference to any company. Thus while keeping pace with the latest technological innovations, we constantly sharpen the talents of our team of well-trained professionals who have mastered the art.

Our comprehensive pre-press services include:

High End Drum scanning
Image retouching & Editing
Post Script Film Output
Direct to Plate

We have a range of scanners, Macintosh and PC workstations to output from Zip Cartridges, Jaz cartridges, CD’s, DVD’s, and Floppy disks and the facility to handle files in the latest image editing software in the market.

Premadasa Colourscan (Dubai).
P.O Box, 55358, Dubai,U.A.E
Tel:971-(4)-2665373, 971-(4)-2664961
Fax: 971-(4)-449950
E-mail: [email protected]















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